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Conquest Solutions is a Platinum Partner with 3CX, a premiere VOIP / Telecom Provider


Conquest Solutions (CS) has been serving the Atlanta area business community since 2004. With 15 years of managed IT experience under our belt, our customer-centric team is the local expert in Technology Solutions. Beyond excellent customer service, this family-owned company holds each team member up to Momma’s Standards!

Here’s the deal – you probably already use VoIP… the technology is decades old. So, what can Conquest Solutions offer you beyond your current service? First of all, CS has an in-depth market knowledge with over 250,000 systems installed. Secondly, stellar customer service keeps customers coming back. It is because of this experience and efficiency that Conquest Solutions can move your company into the modern communications age with a savings of up to 80% off the competition!

The VoIP solutions offered by CS include an open platform allowing you to control the system and the data. You’re in control and it’s easy. You can use your local servers or have the servers be cloud-based. Conquest Solutions’ phone systems are designed to easily integrate into your company with office-to-mobile forwarding, screensharing, and corporate conferencing. You are completely untethered with Conquest Solutions’ VoIP products, facilitating an environment of productivity while employees are on the road.


  • Integrates with leading CRM tools
  • iOS & Windows apps
  • Audio & web conferencing
  • Corporate chat
  • Call queues, IVR
  • Advanced call reporting
  • Revolutionary VoIP security to protect your system from cyber attacks
  • Encrypted voice traffic
  • Secure web server configuration
  • Generate more than 20 reports to help your call center’s priorities stay on track at all times – Learn more about 3CX Call Reporting:  VIEW HERE

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