Conquest Hosted Access Control Systems

Conquest partners with several Access Control solutions, allowing clients to manage and control who can enter doors and gates to a building or facility. Given the number of security threats a business or organization must defend in today’s world, controlling access to a building or facility is a serious concern. Conquest provides flexibility and performance in scalable solutions to meet ever-changing environments of businesses, from entry level to enterprise systems in easy-to-use 100% browser based systems. Software integrations make Video Surveillance and Access Control a seamless partnership.

Looking to modernize access control for your building or property?

Conquest Solutions offers a number of best-in-class access control solutions that are scalable, have an open platform, and integrate with partners across a wide range of categories used to run your business.

Risk is everywhere! Keys can be copied at your local supermarket store or online, badges are easily passed from one person to another, and sometimes the wrong person can get the right credentials. Access control systems are only as secure as their fundamentals.

We can provide you with next-gen technology systems that provide both physical security teamed with virtual security that offers maximum protection from an environment of evolving threats and the challenges of maintaining the security and privacy of identity data.

Our featured partners include: Avigilon and Open Path

We can do both cloud based (hosted systems) as well as premise systems.

Credentialed Access Components





Access Control Hardware Installation, Service and Replacements

  • Mag Locks
  • Request to Exit
  • Strikes
  • Motions
  • Other Door Hardware
  • Controllers and Relays
  • Power Supplies
  • Nema Boxes/Enclosures

amazon key for business georgia installers


Amazon Key for Business Installer

Servicing all of Georgia but nationwide is available as well upon request

Conquest Solutions has proudly partnered with Amazon Key for Business. Key for Business is a more convenient, efficient way for multi-family buildings and gated residential communities to receive Amazon deliveries. It eliminates the need for building managers to provide driver entry and receive Amazon packages.


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