Don’t Forget About IT Needs When Moving Your Office

Today, technology powers companies all across the globe.  Could you imagine a desk without a laptop or desktop computer?  One of the biggest complications inherent in moving to a new office space is disconnecting and reconnecting all of your IT/technology needs. While tech is important in a new office, there are some must have, which include:

  1. Sufficient Cat6 Cabling
    Every device in your office is likely connected to the Internet.  Hard wired internet connections are the most secure way to ensure your employees have a reliable connection to the web.
  2. Internet Service Provider
    Reliable Internet should be one of the deciding factors in which office space you go with.  Fiber connections are usually dedicated to each customer and come with an SLA agreement.  Fiber connections see much less downtime than standard Broadband connections.  Also consider having a second internet connection so you have redundant service.  Our IT Managed Services team can help you get connected with the best ISP in your area.
  3. Networking Equipment
    Conquest Solutions recommends Ubiquiti networking equipment, which will help keep your network secure and reliable.  The best part of Ubiquiti is the ability to manage it in the cloud.  Cloud management is very helpful for our clients since we can make changes, push updates, or check network status remotely without the need for a service call.
  4. WIFI
    Office layouts affect WIFI performance.  If the signal has to move through too many walls or deal with interference, it will be weaker.  To avoid this, it is important that the office layout is planned strategically. Try to put wireless access points in open areas, away from walls and other obstructions. Additionally, make sure they are spread out evenly throughout the office so that no area is receiving a weaker signal than the rest. Finally, ensure that there aren’t any electronic devices near the wireless access points which could interfere with the signal.