September 25, 2019

Thrive Senior Living – Resident VoIP Information

Thank you for your interest in Resident VoIP Phone Service for your Community. This guide is designed to provide you with the information needed to get started and to set your expectations of what’s involved with the setup process. Thrive is able to leverage its existing 3CX VoIP Service to provide a great Resident phone experience. No additional service provider is required and Thrive can monetize this phone service for an immediate ROI. Because we are using that same 3CX platform as the Thrive Community, you have 99.9% reliability and you have the same friendly Conquest Solutions staff to support all of your telephony needs.

Onboarding Process:

  • Network Readiness: in order to have the resident’s phone service function successfully, it is essential to have the following network setup:
    • Business Service Internet – a minimum of 50 mbps
    • Speed Test – A speed test to determine your internet speeds can be completed at
    • Switches – all switches that carry VoIP traffic should be set to prioritize voice
    • WIFI – must have consistent WIFI coverage throughout the community
    • Support – A Conquest IT Engineer can assist you with determining your network readiness
  • Phones: Residents may bring their own phones (any phones will work, cordless/Big Button, etc)
    • If Resident is supplying their own phone, a network adapter is required.
    • If Resident does not have their own phone, we can help them purchase a user-friendly and VoIP ready phone
  • Phone Number Transfer: we can generally port any existing number to the 3CX platform
    • Porting a number can take up to 3 weeks – there is no cost to do this
    • A Temporary number can be provided during this process
  • Phone/System Set Up: Conquest will provision all the equipment and the system and will ship everything that is needed for Phone Service for the Resident to your Community. Once its received, it is a plug and play solution
  • Pricing and ROI: Our monthly wholesale price to the Community is as follows:
    • $24 per month for the extension/seat
    • $2 per month for the Direct Phone Number (DID)
    • $3 per month for Regulatory Fees and Taxes (no hidden costs)
    • TOTAL COST: $29 PER MONTH per extension/resident
    • The MSRP is $49.99, but each community can set there own pricing, depending on the market. This can be added to their monthly invoice
      • In this example: 20.99/mo x 12 months = $252 revenue annually
      • If you have 100 residents with Thrive 3CX provided phone service – 252 x 100 = $25,200 in annual profits – ROI.

How do I Get Started?

Below is a link to our Resident 3CX VoIP Service Request Form. Just fill this out and hit submit. Conquest Solutions will do the rest!